Sunday, 22 January 2017

Cluckity Cluck Cluck

Chinese-New-Year-O'clock again ... so here are the less traditional thoughts on that! Read on or listen here.

Farewell the Monkey. While others may strut, preen and scratch their little dirt patch in a squawking fury… next Saturday’s Year of the Rooster Hen would be served best with a healthy dose of Make Nice from you, kind chicken.   

Espousing the values of the hearth will be most important this year as all people and species can relate to the homestead - so it will be as if speaking with one tongue understandable by all. And in that unity may begin to grow. 

Creativity in all its forms - be that birthing new ideas, ventures, life itself or nurturing the valuable ones others have manifested - will bear the fruit of your future - so sow well. You must strive to get it out of your own organism so that your creations may have a life of their own, to do more things, reach and improve more lives than you yourself can directly influence. Its not just your coop that needs to be safe and secure… it is patches everywhere, and probably the only way to do that is to provide a beautiful example of how to do it. Foster an open coop policy that those in need of warmth, food, love, care or just good company may feel welcome to visit, bringing their own diversity. Talk to anyone for long enough and they will tell you something interesting, listen to their story and you will want to hold them and cry for the beauty that is the human experience.

Let the mantra for the year be:

Better together.

The truth may not always be beautiful but the search for it is.

And “If you think you are too small to make a difference" then recall what The Dalai Lama said:
“Try sleeping with a mosquito" (please click on that!!!)

But aside from that … it is also the year of the octopus - resemblent of sublime absurdity... Like Hens they find humour a great ally. Here is Hairy the Eighth coming to terms with his reality. 

If you do not know … you really should learn this valuable life skill -  how many time do you have to tickle an octopus to make it laugh?

Ten tickles…

Except this rather wonderful sheet puts that sweet joke aside… they are not tentacles they are arms!!!

But it ties in of course with the gently loving nature that a creature with 3 hearts would have and we will need, in order to recognise that we are all on this rock together and there is only one species - Terran. Get with the program… Really try to think and understand … as much as if you, like Octopuses, could think with your arms… so listen to that big beating heart inside you and let it give what you want to get. LOVE.