Tuesday, 20 January 2004

Year of the Monkey

The naughty little monkey that leaps and bounds in front of us is sending the spirited message that he is not to be messed with. This is a time of great pride as well as dreams and aspirations.

How we deal with pride this year is likely to be the largest single determiner that will dictate to what degree any personal fulfilment is achieved. There is no doubt that this year will be an emotional one in which all aspects of your character will be brought into question - it is the kind of year that was not seen in the 20th Century. Highs and lows, peaks and troughs - all of these can be evened out with an equanimous attitude. A relaxed focus to action performance will consistently add to successful completion and increased productivity.

Success in any form can only be achieved by making the transition from dreaming aspiration to laborious doing.

Consider your motivation this year to be experimental within the general confines of society. This is not a year to break the mould but rather to cultivate it in a petri-dish. A thing begun this year or last will bloom next year and bear the most wondrous fruit. Instinct must drive the intellect in these pastures new.

The positive outlook to take is that EVERYTHING is still possible.

On a personal note, this last Goat Year was a real climber for me though at no point was I aware I was climbing.

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