Friday, 27 January 2006

Year of the Dog - Woof Hey!

And that was that, the end of the Year of the Cock, a year in which you may have achieved much by way of many little steps or even great bounds but better still if you planted seeds to be found as treasures in this year ahead.

This coming one will feel like a year of searching but is really a year of finding. Yet there is much more to this. This is a unique year in that it is one of extreme positivity. What you seek you shall find BUT only if it is worth finding. If what you seek is deemed by the hound not to be worth the digging then you will discover that it was the digging itself you benefited from.

Natural yet positive force will lead, happy to trot out in front pretending to know the way yet often glancing back for confirmation that this really is the path you want. Pursue your dreams at the pace the dog chooses for you this year, if slow then enjoy the view, if fast then enjoy the wind and thrill. Yet always be content. The discovery will come - though you may not recognise it at first sniff. Even if you meander in a great circle you will return much richer than when you set out.

Happy Year of the Dog

Clear Skies

29th March Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Niger - be in one of there!

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