Thursday, 15 February 2007

Year of the Pig - Wallowing In It

Fine friends,

You wallow, I wallow, we will all wallow in the fields of our own making. This is something that never changes.

This last year, The Dog was a year of seeking. A year of searching can be stressful and does not always yield positive results. However the Dog is a loyal year and ensures that if the thing saught is worth finding then it shall be found and if it is not worth finding then at least we will enjoy the search. That was The Dog.

All of that positive and forward motion may leave you feeling like you have scaled great heights or indeed that you are ready to. You may even have developed a taste for climbing sheer cliffs and be thirsty for more. But for now you are on a plateau and should rejoice in the flat walk ahead. As with each step you carry yourself that much further from the precipice. Seek no further height until you have enjoyed the riches in this new place and restocked for the journey ahead. The plains between peaks are as much part of the climb as the rockface itself.

Last year the explorer and adventurer in you drove your quest – this year it is your wisdom that will serve you the best. Wisdom comes not from a self-help book but from trusting yourself and the world around you. If you can just relax into knowing that you are on your path, and each of us is, then every step becomes clear. Whatever it is you do, you are being true to yourself, adore the decisions you make, because that IS who you are.

This is the Pig.

From Sunday, a celebration of oneself on an even keel, resolute and forward thinking. I hope this year doubles your laugh-lines and that you add to those on the people around you.

Love ya

Ps the correct way to read a chinese fortune cookie – is to add these words to the end of it “... in bed!”

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