Friday, 18 July 2008

11c - Black Moon Rising

Black Moon Rising

Now another thing, pretty minor but I think it’s worth mentioning… You may know the phrase “Once in a blue moon” referring to something rare. And you may know that when there are 2 full moons within the same calendar month that’s a Blue Moon. Of course full moons tend to get noticed – they’re pretty obvious after all. Great heavenly altars to the Lupine Lords. But new moons rarely feature much of a mention. After all – its like they are not really there! In other words NOTHING to notice. Well this August contains 2 new moons. And that’s called a Black Moon! Does this portend anything? Dunno. I think one can read into it whatever one likes sooooo I’m gonna read into this that this is a hugely positive time. Even more so if you are in the Northern hemisphere – cos its Summer. And August is about the only reliable month in Europe. At least one can rely on the Italians not to work that month. And before you think I am being facetious – I’m not. I truly am impressed that pretty much the whole country takes that month off – I have yet to experience it at first hand but by god I plan to indulge in a Tuscan august one of these days. But not this August… this one starts with an Eclipse and ends at Burning Man. Pig - Shit -Wallowing. Yes please.

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