Saturday, 4 April 2009

Sweet Dreams From All Over The World

Beddy Byes,

Last year I had the fortune to spend parts of my fortune in all the corners of the world… this year is different. This year the flying carpet was pulled from under my feet. But I landed in the Sparrow-wings of Love and a period of stability beckons. Stability is a relative term, especially in my life but through every stroke of bad luck, fortune has shone brighter than ever. Almost to the point that I welcome bad luck as the harbinger of greater things! And I’ll write more about THAT in time. And I guess tempt Old Murphy and his ‘Law’ too.

The short story is that I am in back in London after a couple of months prepping a lovely film in South Africa (Heaven & Earth). The finances fell through on the film and we were diddled out of 3 weeks pay on top of what was a monumental disappointment. So it goes. The result was that I was able to return to London and now get to work on the film “Paul” which I guess is the next installment in the Shaun of the Dead / Hot Fuzz series. Its very exciting but I can’t write anything about it as its top secret – so top secret in fact that we have to go and shoot it in New Mexico for 3 months June – August.

So where’s the stability in THAT you ask? Well afterwards I spend an entire year in London doing the post-production on it. This dooms me to a full English winter! My first in 6 years!

And to honour that I feel like sharing a piece of ‘art’ with you all…

On that trip last year I photographed (nearly) every bed I slept in. So here they are below in movie form. Assembled to proportionally indicate the amount of time I spent in each. Occasionally I missed a bed so I substituted it with some other relevant image. But do not read too much into the image – the meaning is normally more obscure than expected and generally implies a back story of some description. And one is missing in entirety as the story may never be told.

I prefer to think of it as a form of art-film rather than a 90” commercial selling beds of the world but as ever, I’d love to hear what YOU think and promise any reply will be personally responded too! But in time, as tomorrow I am off to pad around my pad in Kas, Turkey for 10 days in the company of the excellent Anette and I am planning to keep the old internetty spaghetti machine off the entire week! We'll see how my communications-addiction holds up!

Its also been one year since I had a Hot Crusty Bun - I hope they have them in Turkey - its my favourite tradition in all Christendom (except for Easter Egg hunts OF COURSE!).

Much love

Doctor Lobster.


Jonty said...

The term 'Bedswerver' springs to mind my restless friend.

Julia said...

Sure enough, sharing a bed with is an entirely moving experience. Really though, art indeed it is. Very nice work at play.