Sunday, 15 February 2015

Baaaadd Times, Goat Friends...

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As the Year of the Horse gallops over its finishing line a lot of us will wonder what we did on that ride, what shall we do next, how can we keep going, where are we going and why?
And to that the Goat, in Sheep’s clothing, sidles in with the New Moon whispering of a future of delight in a distant and pleasant land. The destination is often obvious but the path to it unclear... And to that the Goat remarks, “You can't force it to happen but you must contribute in order for it to happen, yet above all, accept that it is already happening!”
So in this mist-shrouded year seek the Middle Way. Not the erratic path of living two extremes or the moribund plod of appreciating neither. Rather the path of the faithful, the compassionate, the curious, the wise and the bold. The future is only assured by care in the present.
This is not a year to be shy and retiring. Free yourself to respond to life’s catastrophes with equanimity and individuation. Even if its just being noticed for noticing others or standing up for common differences. Kindness will carry you far this year. Kindness to everything, not the least of which is yourself. Self-harm and negativity, if indulged, will carve deep scars into your psyche this year. Yet upon completion of your challenge slip back into the herd and allow another the limelight. When the flock is like an oceanic flow of jellyfish its often just who you bump into that will enable vast and focused upwelling...
But there is an aspect to this year that can result in inadvertent destruction or unexpectedly bad consequences and never more than during a random encounter. Remember that a harsh word spoken at the wrong time will cast a very long shadow. That cuts both ways – so be ready with humility to lick a wound you’ve caused or deflect a thorn from your flank with indifference.
It’s a year of tight spots, close scrapes and grim determination... but set in the lushness of a green valley on a summer evening in a warm community ... Specific choices HAVE to be made and while you might not want to stand out it'll only be by choosing not to that you won't... You'll have to work hard to disappear into the flock - it's possible but on the other paw why would you want to? Better to take the moment to do a merry dance, shout out about the magic that is in every one of us and reassure all that no matter how long they’ve splashed around in the shallows each one of us is a person of depth.
This is the year to become the king your king wanted you to be.
Much Love
Doctor Lobster

But this also wouldn't be very Doctor Lobsternian if I didn't include some bizarre and slightly macabre thing I'd stumbled onto while roving the planet... New Years being an excellent reminder for us about the march of time and what that will one day bring to all of us. Peaceful Rest!!! El David and I encountered this field of severed goat heads deep in the wilds of Mongolia with nothing to explain it for hundreds of miles around. So it goes... 

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