Thursday, 4 February 2016

Monkeying About

Phew friends, I don’t know about you but for me the last months of The Goat have seen some Herculean trials. Not the least of which was head butting up the slopes of Mount Relationship. But even though the way has been hard and steep, if Love beckons, you follow...* So it’s with great relief we welcome some light simian guile into our lives on Monday 8th Feb as the New Moon heralds in the Year of the Monkey...

However the respite is slightly leftfield as this year is that of the FIRE Monkey which rewards bold curiosity rather than indecisive caution even more than usual.

It is in adversity we will find our victories so go further than the normal expectation and risk failure. For Success is a shallow teacher providing but part of the lesson… rather boldly fail where you haven't failed before… it’s there you’ll grow the most… in short, fail up… challenge your edges… test your mettle… for this year is indeed a test… 

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But its a test designed for you to pass… the only real failure comes in not attempting… to sullenly sit, refusing to play will serve neither you nor the troop. Rather swing your way though the canopy of life, trusting instinct and knowing that failure is most likely just landing on your arse… everyone does… and everyone laughs… after all, do you mind when your fellow friendly fuzzies are a little foolish… hell no… whoop de woo you’ll show them how its done until just like them you too crash on your bum. And they’ll laugh and delight just as you did with them. And another and another will follow attempting the same providing further mirth. So learn to laugh with and at yourself. It’s such a gentle and mature thing to do and takes great care of the part of pride that knows only to hurt itself.

This year the thing you seek is not the thing you will find. What you find instead will lead you back to where you were when you wanted to be where you are now and that might be a place you’d prefer to be... either way like the epic journeys of legend that end back in the hero’s village you will be wiser. Most positive change felt painful in the beginning… and most courage is found unexpectedly. So don’t shy from the challenge rather shy a coconut at the baldhead of Seriousness and laugh while you scamper back to the jungle of Joy your life can be. 

And if you ever hear someone say ‘There’s nothing there’ about a place, be certain to go because then you have the chance to see something ‘that-isn’t-there’ and learn what can only be taught through a strange experience.

Much love 

Doctor Lobster (aka Hal Couzens)

* Apologies to Kahlil Gibran

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Sam Dean said...

there's a little monkey in us all...