Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Injakazi - Year of the Bitch

The wheel of time takes us round and round so here we are at Chinese New Year ... read on or listen here for its revelations

Times can be hard, times can be tough but even the worst curmudgeons’ heart cracks a smile at the sight of a joyful dog bounding around.
That was the Hen this is the Hound,
And with it comes devotion to blind hope and deep-state loyalty. For at its base, loyalty wavers not from the object (of desire) but holds and caresses it no matter the misplaced acts or frantic egoistic squirms it makes. This is not to be blind to flaw though and soothing guidance is best given side-by-side. It is the wise that wish good companionship for their enemy. For good company breeds love, peace and contented goodwill. 
Canine years are always positive even if they don't seem to be. Even if it’s challenging, in time you’ll find this annum was filled with seven years with of life’s beautiful lessons. The dog will never give up on you, though it might nip and bite at the heels of complacency. Run where once you walked, laugh where once you loved and love where once you cried.   
Much Love
Doctor Lobster / Hal 

ps - Year of the Bitch, a little contentious…
As any kids do when learning a new language one needs a curse or three. In the days of apartheid we had no access to true speakers to teach us the more colourful words while learning Zulu in our all-white class. So with inventive puerility we constructed our own - Inja is dog and Injakazi, a female dog. Bitch.

As the misogynistic mists raise and more gains in respect for womankind occurs - words need to be reclaimed. Year of the Hen leads into Year of the Bitch. Lucky are we that the best stories of these times will be told and written by and about women (no longer in the shadows).

The Proud Dogs of the Soviet Space Program. Read all about them! 


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