Tuesday, 22 January 2008

2 - Despatches - Happy Happy


New Years Day despatches from Jericocoara in Northern Brazil

Salient point about this tiny little tourist place – there's a huge sand dune just to the left of the town. Last night a thousand people sat on it, welcomed the new year in and appreciated the rather more spectacular than expected double firework display from it.

Everyone wears white which is a great tradition and provides a level of cohesion and unity to the throng. Warm and welcoming. The best part was offering a flower to the sea god 'Jehemboah' and then jumping over seven waves in the sea making a wish at each one. 7 wishes is quite a lot really and when you consider how many people were out and about that night making all these wishes shortly after midnight...

"Please hold wisher – we're experiencing higher than expected wish requests. Fulfilling your wishes is important to us so please be patient, your wish will be fulfilled as soon as a god becomes available."

What a fabulous tradition – 7 wishes every new year – that's a pretty rich wish count really. I almost ran out of things to wish for. Yeah right.

But my last wish was the one that suddenly rang true – it went straight on to become a resolution really. That I simply be the tool of the multiverse. To be as an empty vessel to be filled and for others to drink from. In this way to serve the universe's purpose. That and to enjoy the freedom of the moment with the wildest abandon possible. To throttle caution in the waves close to the shore which is probably a surer way of dealing with it than merely throwing it to the wind – though this is a very windy region - vis a vis it's a windsurf/kitesurf resort.

Warwick, Patricia and Paola were the notable company for New Year's Eve. Today I had my first swim in the sea here and tomorrow will be my first surfing lesson. Eagerly awaited. I also noted there is a lot of octopus on the menu's here. Octopii remain the one thing I do not eat out of sentimental appreciation for their existence but their repeated culinary presence must indicate that they are prevalent in this region and I do so yearn to meet one in the wild. I forgot to wish that I could befriend one but that'll be my next wish as soon as I garner another which given the super starry night-skies should not take long. There'll be shooting stars a plenty no doubt.

Thing observed and commented on which is obvious but only WHEN it is pointed out:

Just because someone is right does not mean everyone else is wrong... Sometimes both people are right. This is that rare circumstance known as being 'in agreement'. Yes this is VERY obvious but curiously wasn't on New Years Eve.

That'll be me for now... For all of you I truly hope that 2008 will bring unbounded joy and that you're able to reap the full reward of every experience that comes your way.


Dr Lagusta

This town also has loads of horses in it... Its pretty cool wandering around at night and having dark shadows neighing at you...

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