Tuesday, 22 January 2008

1 - For Up to Over 9 Months

Well hello there,

As ever with these missives – many of you know some of the news and many of you don’t hence I have to tell (nearly) all. This one’s short(ish) ...

Through a very rapid series of offers, negotiations, incidents, mishaps, adventures, fortunes, coincidences, planned and unplanned encounters in this and other dimensions I’m cheesing it up in the business lounge in Frankfurt en route to Brazil.

Its not work but it is not a holiday – it is my life. And it seems to be unfolding second by second – new experiences abound. The one I am plotting RIGHT now is a shower here at the airport. I’ve never had one at an airport. Naturally as I financed this ticket myself I am flying economy but the rewards of many years of miles accumulation from mine and other business trips have rewarded me with access to the ‘invitation only’ lounge even on economy flights - finally!

Anyway I finished Doomsday (the movie) just before Christmas. Prior to that I had agreed to go onto another film Castlevania straight away – that was going to be an excellent adventure – shooting back in South Africa for a quintiple Summer (though it would have cost me my Springs) then continuing for another 6-8 months in Los Angeles - excellent! I was a little unsettled at the idea of diving straight into yet another HUGE project without my much muttered about ‘look around this planet’ but to be paid to work on a movie in those places – great. And having the same studio using me again immediately is surely good testament to a job well-done and would cement myself into this creative role of Visual Effects Supervisor. So I made all the necessary plans and began to formulate my life around being away from London for over a year which involved renting my apartment out, stuffing all my outfits and junk into storage etc. I was also purchasing a friend’s house in london and would need to find tenants for that too. Still, living rent free for another year is very lucrative too. It was as if a magical flying carpet had drifted under my feet. However the minute I’d settled myself comfortably onto it it was whisked out from beneath me care of the script writer’s strike! Rats! I had a hideous emotional day in losing this opportunity for it spelled the end of my london property dreams which impacted on the lives of friends too. But realistically I had no choice. Yet with every lead lining there comes a silver cloud. And suddenly the world lay at my feet available to be explored. Money in the bank, no mortgage, career in good shape, House available to rent out to reduce expenses? Turkish house already rented out for the year.

It all felt very much like - ‘Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans’ - so make a lot of plans!!

So I’m off for a small tour of the world – starting in Brazil with Warwick and Patricia and then who knows what or where. The first goal is to learn how to surf. Someone may come along and ruin things by offering me some jolly good job or something but if that does not happen then I expect I will meander around South, Central and North America for a bit, hoping to encounter Pearl on her return from Antarctica then nip over to Mongolia for the eclipse of 1st August and return to Burning Man at the end of August. As far as plans go its very loose. I make no promises that I’ll be away for a long time. Who knows. The amount of loot in the bank may deplete much faster than expected allowing the freelancer insecurity to over-ride my happy-go-lucky, devil may care attitude.

What I am very aware of though is that I am extremely fortunate to have this wonderful opportunity and freedom in my life. I want you to know that my seizing of it is in honour of the inspiration all of you have been to me.

Enough for now... I am freshly washed after my shower and need to board a flight to the far side of the world where I expect to laugh and cry for the love of life.

Clear skies my beloveds.

Dr Lobster.


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