Wednesday, 30 April 2008

7 - Squids Alive (or not)

Hi All,

If you have not been watching the dissection of this Colossal Squid well here is a link to some of it:

Now, we humans really are a race of bigots, this is EXACTLY what we as a race, have been complaining about and accusing the Extra-Terrestrial’s in their pesky UFO’s of doing to us for years. Abducting and dissecting!

Jeez – its like these scientists and interweb enthusiasts are simply not paying attention to the idea that the colassal squids are gonna find out about this! What with eyes the size of plates, all those tentacles and shit and with the interweb being as it is, these critters are bound to be able to at least pick up wi-fi out there in the doubly deep ocean. And on the back of THAT there seems to a total lack of respect for this squid’s fearsome arsenal which they so gleefully go on about in the article. They're asking for trouble and its gonna be some poor coastal resort that gets it no doubt.

Just imagine the scene when the now blind, biggest-ever squid wakes up and attacks the scientists that are poking and prodding him. Mayhem.

Watch the seas ... In the meantime I will go back to something more useful...

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