Wednesday, 6 February 2013


10 Feb - Year of the Snake

After the calm of the Rabbit came the ecstatic flight of the Dragon. From that great height you surveyed the world and its horizon of wondrous mountains. And well you did to set your aspirations on them.

But between there and the now stretches the Valley of the Snake.

Remember where those distant Ranges lay, as one danger after another opportunity will rise, challenging you to keep your focus necessarily near. Stay low to the floor. The closer you are to the pulse in your gut the easier you’ll know your path.

Change is coming, so seek planning permission for character building. Make it solid and worthwhile, helm over, rudder on its way, the creak as the ship of your life begins to shift course. No going back mehearties… that old skin wont fit anymore.

A good year for a new perspective… lower your gaze, shorten your stride… doubt not. Wriggle and writhe… Internal growth through external change.

Much love

Doctor Lobster

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