Monday, 1 April 2013

Hot Grass Buns

Another year but not another place. Still in the Big Apple, still suffering the ignominy of a 2 not 4-day Easter Weekend. By planning ahead this year, I was able to eat the buns of delight at work for breakfast so did not spend the day fearing for my immortal soul. My single strand of potential ascendance to dogma heaven continues albeit as tenuous as ever. And here they are … this time I bought a bunch so I could do some valuable missionary work with the locals, a heathen lot – many had never had one in their lives!
Other folk’s traditions often look pretty good but really I think this is a lot to do with the grass being greener on the other side.

Yet isn’t that phrase just meant to make us happy with our lot, no matter what it’s state? Look down, look around, what is the state of your patch? Lush and full, or sketchy and dry, overgrown, out of control, filled with weeds or stones. Chances are it needs some tending. Looks great? Maintenance is still required! And by tending I mean spending good old quality time, digging in the dirt of your life because that is what this is really about.

Fingers in, kneading the soils that provide for the roots of your joys. You may find a lot of hard things, sticks and stones and all the names people have called you! They’ll need removing so the lawn can grow evenly, each root able to find its way to the blades they support immediately above
Its ok to leave the fun and curious things, a mushroom or little wild flower are great but if something will pervade and takeover - it should go.

And if you don’t then the phrase is likely to also lose all meaning… if your grass ain’t green then why would the neighbor think it is!

Here in New York I only have 2 trays printed to look like grass... Here is a pic of me lovingly laying a lawn I once had. It is an old picture and reminds me of the joy of tending one’s grass. Do it while you still have it, before the last Sparrow flies.

Also you never know when a butterfly might flutterby and charmed by the state of the place alight for a beat. And in that beat they may find another and leave you some Easter eggs of the caterpillar kind… meet Stripe, a butterfly baby.

Just as he thought his whole life was coming to an end, he turned into a Schmetterling.


It is extraordinary how fast things can change but I no longer consider the Medieval Wheel of Fortune an accurate model. Yes Fate is blind and She’ll spin you a merry dance but I do believe the Sun can rise on one man without having to set on any other. Even if we aren’t truly free, we have to act as if we are! We can live in abundance, take down the fence, let our grasses grow as One.
Love and Light

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Deryck vS said...

Doctor Lobster, you are a Guru of Gurus. Thank you.