Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Year of the Tiger

Oooo – exciting isn’t it? All that sleek power with Grace, padding its way as it will through the jungle of your life. But beware, it is unclear who the Tiger is…

Many sense the Tiger to be a year of power and achievement. And it will be, even more so as the Tiger’s reach goes beyond just this year. But the tiger is an individual. Too heavy a claw from the ego may unbalance your greater good. And then the universe will crush your dreams.

Like the Ox, the Tiger is a year of balancing, yet the chances of things swinging out of control are much higher. The line between use and abuse is thinner than ever so it’s a good year to tread the Middle Way. The exciting part is to find this road. It is not an aggregrate between 2 extremes but an agreeable route between them that carries one along the path of the normal while never being ordinary.

That said coming on great leaps and bounds is even more possible. This will come by trusting yourself and the momentum your life has. It’s a good year to radically change direction.

Take what you need but take only that! There will be surprises.

Much love

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