Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hoppity Hop

3 Feb - Year of the Rabbit

A year of indulgence in dream and delight, for what else is there to do between the rock of the Tiger and the hard place of the Dragon?

Seeds sown in previous years will sprout to become more permanent in your life. Don’t expect huge or obvious growth though, that comes with next year’s Dragon. This time is characterized by the small many, yet the sum is always greater than the parts. These innumerable events won’t be domino’s falling one after another but like a myriad of beautiful flowers springing up all across the meadow of your life.

It’s the best year possible to enjoy the verdant valley of existence. So roam free of fences, sniff inquisitively at any rose you pass, roll over, spin around, burrow just for fun and above all be sure to nourish all aspects of self!

Enjoy each precious moment here because next year you scale the mountain.

Til then though, more than beware, be aware.

Much love

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